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Thursday, September 02, 2004

Morons Driving in New Jersey (Early Morning Driving)

Early Morning Driving

So it’s early in the morning and you just started you lovely commute, constantly wondering if you will make it there alive since there are so many morons that should not be allowed to drive, especially at this hour. You’re tired and not quite running at 100% yet, and the idiots out there are running at even less and have no regard for you and I. Your going 45 in a 40MPH zone, here you will see that all the pinheads feel the need to go 60 behind you. I’m not quite sure if this is because the cops (at least in my town) are busy hanging out at the local convenience store sipping complimentary coffee and the pinheads know it, or maybe they are trying to see what radio station I’m listening to. In this situation a quick brake check may fix them. I suppose the best thing would be to move over and let them get by and put someone else’s life at risk, but where is the fun in that? This person behind you may also have a bad case of diarrhea shits and is trying to get to a bathroom, and not allowing them the opportunity to get by will only add to your fun.

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