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Thursday, September 02, 2004

Morons Driving in New Jersey (Your high beams are on asshole)

Your high beams are on asshole!

Ok folks I really shouldn’t have to mention high beams, but here we go. If you’re behind someone, you should not turn your high beams on and blind them…you stupid fuck! My eyes still work and I don’t really care to see first hand what the sun looks like in my rear view mirror, since I know it will be blinding me in my windshield in about 30 minutes. I can’t tell you the countless times this has happened and I can only guess that maybe my car has become invisible somehow and they drive right up my ass with the super highbeams from hell.It’s for this reason that I recommend you always have a 3 million candle power spot light on your passenger seat. You blind me, I’ll blind your stupid ass. Turn on the handheld battery operated sun and they weave out of control and like magic. They are no longer a blinding problem. It could be because they got the point, or because they are blinking like mad trying to see past the huge spots in their eyes.

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